In Order to be it,
you should first know it

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One of the biggest questions of a student’s life, ”What are my career options and how should I begin” is not usually answered by the career aptitude tests and career counseling alone.

At Knowledgly, the guidance comes from the people who are actually studying and working in different careers, so you can have all the information you need - such as, what is college life like, what would you do in your first job and what are the overall career prospects - before you start on that path!

Choose Your Mentor

College Mentors

College students pursuing their Bachelors degree

College mentors have been in your shoes recently, and care about becoming a mentor that they wish they had. To have a current student as your personal advisor and to be able to learn directly from them on how they made it to the college and feel about
their college curriculum and social-life is an opportunity like no other!

60 Min Mentoring

INR 1000

Graduate Mentors

New Graduates in their early career

Graduate mentors can give you a true picture of what lies ahead of you after college. The opportunity to speak with someone who is now working after their graduation will help you know more about the prospects of the college and the course from the start. This will help you prepare well for what lies ahead of you!

60 Min Mentoring

INR 2000

Experienced Mentors

Professionals with 10+ years of work experience

Experienced mentors have the relevant experience and knowledge to guide you about the skills, personal attributes, education, experience, and attitude you need to make a name for yourself in a chosen field. Connecting with a experienced mentor from anywhere in the world can help you learn and prepare for your tomorrow, today!

60 Min Mentoring

INR 4000

How It Works


Choose a Mentor

Choose a Mentor from the field you want to learn the most about. If you need guidance about colleges, speak with a College mentor; if you need guidance on jobs or career, speak with a Graduate or Expert mentor! It is important to read the mentors profile and pick the one from the college or profession you aspire for!


Decide on a time

Choose your preferred time slot from the Mentor's availability. Sessions are conducted online on Knowledgly’s platform so you can connect with anyone, anywhere!


Get Started

Share the important topics you would like to cover during the Mentoring, and you’re good to go. All the best!

Session Structure


The session begins with the Mentor & Mentee introducing themselves and mentee shares his questions & areas of concern.

5 Mins


Mentor shares his experience and provides guidance & insights that help the mentee achieve clarity of thought & get direction.

45 Mins

Wrap up!

Towards the end of the session, the mentor will summarise the key points & provide action items for the mentee to follow through.

10 Mins