For Mentors:

The mentor should be at least 18 years of age. He/She should at least be studying in an undergraduate program. To become a mentor, the user has to ‘Apply as a Mentor’ on our website and go through our screening process. If shortlisted, the mentor has to sign a Mentorship Agreement with Knowledgly adhering to Knowledgly’s terms & conditions and privacy policies.
The mentors go through a rigorous multi-step screening process as we give utmost priority to genuine and authentic information provided by the mentors at the time of profile creation.
Yes, the mentor can manage his/her availability based on the amount of time they can give to the mentoring sessions.

For Mentees:

To book a one-on-one mentoring session, you need to first select the mentor of your choice. You can filter the results by selecting college, stream, company, location etc. of your choice. You should carefully go through the mentor profiles to select a mentor that fits your career goals or interests.
Yes, you can cancel the session anytime before 48 hours of the Mentoring session to receive an equivalent credit in your account. You will have 90 days to avail this credit.
There are different modes of payments available like debit card, credit card, net banking, and more.
There are different modes of payments available like debit card, credit card, net banking, and more.
There are different modes of payments available like debit card, credit card, net banking, and more.
To ensure our mentees get the best advice possible, we screen the mentors based on different parameters. All our mentors are highly talented and knowledgeable. So, there is a very rare chance that a mentee would be disappointed with the consultation. However, in such an event, we will consider the mentee’s complaints and feedback and decide the next course of action that includes a refund. We strongly recommend you express any questions, concerns, or comments to your mentor. In nearly all cases, your Mentor will be able to help you find a resolution, as long as you communicate with them!
You will receive personalized attention from a Mentor who can guide you in your career and education decision based on their experience and insights.
You should list out all your questions for the mentor in advance and share it with the mentor at the beginning of the session so that you get focused and direct advice.
The mentoring session is for a maximum 60 minutes duration.
Please email us your feedback at info@knowledgly.com
All the mentors based in India operate with INR currency, and international ones in USD. Therefore, currency changes based on the location of the mentor.
We are competitively priced based on the pay practises of the location of the mentor. Therefore, you see a different price for a mentor based in India compared to a mentor based outside of India.
Please email us at info@knowledgly.com and we will reply back within 1 working day.


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