Be the role model
you wish you had!

Become a Mentor!

Gain experience and inspire others anywhere, anytime.

You have struggled, you have hustled, you have worked hard and you have worked smart to reach where you are today! You have priceless personal experience which is inimitably yours - the story of your struggle and the sweet success that followed.

Today, many students are where you were a few years ago. They are looking for advice, motivation and inspiration, and who better to guide them than you? You don't have to wait till you get a job to start influencing a positive change in the world!

Become a mentor to students through Knowledgly. You will be guiding them towards a successful future by giving them practical advice from your own experience. In doing this, you will be making a huge positive impact on someone's life, and earning money as well!

Why become
a mentor?

  • To make a positive impact on someone's world
  • To increase your circle of influence
  • To gain new perspectives and knowledge
  • To earn an extra income

College Mentor

As a current college student, you can be the best advisor to school students to help them make decisions when things are confusing for them. You can provide them inspiration and insights from your journey like: school subjects to focus on, how you prepared for your college entrance, what’s college life like etc. As you were recently in their shoes, they can learn a lot from your good decisions as well as any mistakes!

Graduate Mentor

You are the perfect source of inspiration to school and college students who are keen to know about possible career options after college. Having been through the journey of assessing different job options, interviewing and finding your first job, one can learn a lot about how to make a great start to their career and make a good first impression!

Experienced Mentor

As a professional with 10+ years of experience you’ve seen the ups and downs and various changes in industry and job landscape. You have built the foresight to guide others on the skills and knowledge one needs to find a role and then be successful in it. Having you as a Mentor would be of tremendous value to learn the do’s and don'ts, limitations and rewards in different careers to fully understand and envision life in a career!

What does Knowledgly look for?

We are looking for the best and brightest minds across the globe who want to inspire others, and are keen to build their online footprint by developing curiosity amongst others and being a mentor they wish they had!

We want mentors with a desire to develop and help others and have a sincere interest in helping someone else succeed. At Knowledgly, we want mentors and mentees to have a valuable and inspiring partnership in their learning journey!




Register your Interest

Please sign up using ‘Register as a Mentor’. Once the form is submitted, your profile is automatically submitted for the vetting process.


Initial Vetting

Knowledgly ensures that all mentors we onboard are of high caliber and are committed to delivering quality advice.


Onboarding Process

Once the profile is shortlisted, we will take you through our onboarding process and set you up with an online presence enabling you to start helping students through our conversational platform.