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Knowledgly is the go-to destination for the next-gen students to receive first-hand guidance and insights about college & work-life.

With the world ever-evolving, there are many new career paths gaining popularity, and many old ones gaining new significance! It is vital now, more than ever, for school students to make informed decisions, and prepare accordingly for life in their preferred stream or college and career.

We want to help students better understand different education choices they face. We do this by connecting them with college students and working professionals from various fields all across the globe.

How We
can Help

Knowledgly gives you a platform to explore your choices, interests, ask questions and seek real-life, practical advice so that you are prepared for the journey that will last most of your adult life! Our online mentoring platform is one stop shop for all your career guidance related questions. Find a Mentor based on your need or interest and get started to answer all your questions!

Our mentors - college students - have been in your shoes recently, and care about becoming a mentor that they wish they had. While your regular studies and academic coaching tells you what to do; our mentors will tell you the equally important - how to do it. Their expertise is their lived experience! Dive into your career exploration journey with a guide who has walked the path. To have a current student as your personal advisor and to be able to learn directly from them on how they made it to the college and feel about the college is an opportunity like no other!
Our Graduate Mentors are recent graduates who are in their first or second job and who can give you a true picture of what lies ahead of you after college. Having that information beforehand, will ease your decision regarding which college, education or subjects to pursue. The opportunity to speak with someone in the job or company you aspire to go to will help you make the right decisions at the start, so you can have the time and education to prepare well for lies ahead!
Experienced Mentors are experienced individuals who shape the future needs of the industry. They have the relevant experience and knowledge to guide you about the skills, personal attributes, education, experience, and attitude one needs to make a name for themself in a chosen field. The competition to excel in a career is fierce, and we give students a tremendous edge by connecting them with professional mentors from all over the world so they can learn and prepare for their tomorrow, today!

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