Rehan Bhatia

LOCATION: Delhi, India

Undergrad Student at IIT Delhi, enthusiastic about solving real-world problems and interacting with new people!

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About Rehan Bhatia

Hi! I am Rehan Bhatia, an undergrad student at IIT Delhi. I am pursuing a B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering. I am an avid quizzer at IITD also, and was awarded the Best Fresher in Quizzing Club by Board of Recreational and Cultural Activities, IITD for my contributions to the club. I am also a Technical Editor at the Board of Student Publications (BSP), the journalistic student body at IIT Delhi. I am a problem-solving and analytics enthusiast, and wish to utilise my skills to solve real world problems. To get closer to my aspirations, I regularly participate in Case Study Competitions and Consulting Competitions, where I get to think about and suggest useful solutions to many problems faced by enterprises and governments around the world. I am also skilled at Web Development and programming. I am proficient in Python, Javascript, HTML/CSS and SQL. I have designed several websites and was also responsible on working on the website for BSP, IIT Delhi and Nilgiri Hostel, IIT Delhi. I have a 5-star Gold Badge in Problem Solving, Python Programming, and Statistics on HackerRank. I am also proficient in creating ML models using Python, Keras and Tensorflow. Before applying to IIT Delhi, I had also applied to several univerisities abroad and got offers and scholarships, but in the end, I chose IIT Delhi since it was my lifelong dream to be a part of India's premium institute. Because of my experience in many fields, I feel I can help give you clarity on your career concerns.

Languages Spoken

English, Hindi

Mentor For

School students

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Bachelor of Technology - Mechanical Engineering


Quizzing, Board of Student Publications, Case Study Competitions

Course Consultant

The Rasich Group

July 2020- September 2020

Web Developer

Pluto Academy

May 2020- June 2020

Licence & certification

Intro to Discrete Mathematics

University of California, San Diego



Intro to Data Analytics

University of Colorado, Boulder



Deep Learning Specialisation



Data Science & Machine Learning

Super Data Science Club




Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Data Science
Autodesk Inventor


Graphic Designing
Case Study Competitions