Sukumar K

LOCATION: Mumbai Suburban, Maharashtra, India

Robotics Engineer - Computer Vision| Navigation| Firmware. Master's from EMARO+(Genoa/Warsaw), bachelor's from Manipal. Also a huge sci-fi enthusiast.

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About Sukumar K

Some people don't have to think twice. They have a vision right from the start. A passion, like a fire, leading them to pursue their careers. On the other hand, there are people who struggle to find their dreams. Through confusion, decisions and opinions, they finally discover what resonates with them. I belong to the second category. Looking back now, it's easy to connect the dots. In high school, futuristic gadgets and technology really fascinated me. So I took up electronics and communication engineering for my bachelor's degree. During this time, I took part in different college projects and competitions - from making a satellite to optimizing road traffic. This set off my interest in algorithms and computer vision. I wanted to dig a bit deeper after graduating and decided to pursue a master's. Robotics seemed to encompass all my favorite topics. So here I am. A graduate from the European Masters in Advanced Robotics and working in a robotics start-up in Mumbai. My main skills include embedded systems, programming in C++/Python, computer vision(including deep-learning algorithms) and sensor fusion. Apart from work, I'm passionate about science fiction, gaming, football and volunteering for non-profits. I didn't visualize my career when I was in school though. From enrolling in a medical college to taking a six month break, the journey wasn't exactly straight forward. And the best part is, the journey is still far from over!

Languages Spoken

English, Telugu, Hindi, Tamil

Mentor For

School students, College students

University of Genoa, Warsaw University of Technology

Master of Science - Robotics Engineering


European Masters on Advanced Robotics (EMARO+), like other Erasmus Mundus programs have a mobility option. I chose to do my first year in Warsaw University of Technology and my second in University of Genoa.

Manipal Academy of Higher Education

Bachelor of Technology - Electronics and Communication


Robotics Engineer


March 2019- 2020

Project Trainee - Software Development


January 2016- June 2016


Deeplearning (Keras/TF)


Computer Vision
Science Fiction